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Nov 01, 2018
Getting the creative juices flowing

Health & Wellness Juices started at Culvery Court, Threshold’s emergency hostel for homeless men, as a simple idea to make nutritious juices and supply them to local businesses to give people a nutritious start to the day.

But as the juices became more popular there was an opportunity to expand the business and open up their own shop in Swindon’s town centre. We then got involved to put together a brand and supporting material to give them the best chance of success going forward.

We put the focus squarely on the product and used simple but beautiful photography that showed off the juices surrounded by the ingredients that make them great.

You can get these healthy juices in the shop in Swindon town centre or even delivered to your workplace by contacting healthwellnessjuices@gmail.com.

We wish them the best of luck with this endeavour.